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Light-Emitting Diodes

Photodetector Preamplifier Modules


Our address is
Rhythm Optoelectronics, Inc.         244 Holovna Str., Chernivtsi, 58032 UkrainePhone: +380 3722  426 13, 453 10, 426 17,                              Fax:    +380 3722  426 33 rhythm@chv.ukrpack.net


    Company profile 

·        Rhythm Optoelectronics, Inc. is a headquarters scientific company of Ministry of  industrial policy of Ukraine in the field of research, design engineering and  commercial production of photodetectors, photodetector preamplifier modules,  optrons and optocouplers based on silicon, germanium, lead sulphide and   selenide,  gallium phosphide, covering optical radiation wavelength range  from  the ultraviolet to the infrared regions of spectrum of (0.2 – 5.0) µm.

·        Taking into consideration  requirements of the world market, Rhythm   Optoelectonics, Inc. started developing and manufacturing  deep-cooled   photodetctors operating in the spectral range of (8.0 – 14) µm.

·        Products of the company operate in every climatic zone of the planet, in the   outer space, at elevated radiation, considerable vibration and acoustic loads.

·        The company takes part in state programs connected with Ukraine defence  potential strengthening in the field of research and creation of new   photodetectors.

·        As to the level of technical characteristics and reliability, products of the  company measure up to the best foreign analogues.


      The company is ready to develop and produce samples of profile products on the   basis   of technical requirements done upon consultations with the customer in the  arliest possible date



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