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Light-Emitting Diodes

Photodetector Preamplifier Modules


Our address is
Rhythm Optoelectronics, Inc.         244 Holovna Str., Chernivtsi, 58032 UkrainePhone: +380 3722  426 13, 453 10, 426 17,                              Fax:    +380 3722  426 33 rhythm@chv.ukrpack.net





















 · Highly skilled specialists work for the company : scientific workers, design engineers, production  engineers, programmers, economists,  managers.

· Personnel of the company has a 35-year  experience in research, design engineering and  production of photo-and optoelectronic devices  for various fields of national economy.

On the basis of the scientific research  made,  workers of the company

·  published over 200 scientific papers;

·  got over 70 patents and inventor’s   certificates


·    one thesis for the D.Sc.degree ;

·    nine Candidate dissertations.

·        Management of the company is effected  by the Board  headed  by the President of  the  Board.

·       The Board is formed by seven persons,  who are responsible for  the company’s  activities fields assigned, i.e., general work  organization, scientific research,  production and technology, financial and  economic activities.

·        All the members of the Board have  higher technical or economical education,  considerable experience  in the field and  the company.



Vasyl M. Hodovaniouk – C.E.O, Chief design engineer of Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine, D.Sc., academician of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, professor of Semiconductors Physics and Nanotechnologies Department of the  Chernivtsi National University


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